Dear Reader,

Hello all of you out there in the blogosphere.  I’m sorry I’ve neglected you.  You see, I tend to view blogging as a way for me to prove my worth through writing.  Unfortunately, when I don’t have the energy to try to compose a respectable entry and thereby continue to earn people’s acceptance and silent thoughts of admiration, I get half way through an entry and give up entirely.

Truth is, I’m in a weird season.  I have a great job, but it pays very little considering my qualifications and that’s been a bit of a blow to my ego.  My husband and I are in a rough patch for a number of reasons… combine that with my inability to define myself apart from my husband and you’ve got a rather large identity crisis.

Nobody wants to look like they don’t have it all together, so rather than air my dirty laundry, I hide.  Well, here I am world.  I’m broken.  I’m working on it.  I would really appreciate your prayers.



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3 responses to “Dear Reader,

  1. You should you ever want to define yourself outside of your husband?

    A sociology professor from UT gave a talk about young marriage to the mostly college-aged church I attend. He said one of the pervading stigmata regarding young marriage is the thought of being unable to “find yourself” outside of your spouse. But, it doesn’t really make sense that you should have to do that anyway.

    Marriage makes two become one flesh. I figure there’s a good deal of personality melding that occurs along with the fleshy stuff. I think your inability do define yourself apart from your husband is the opposite of identity crisis. You know who you are partly because you know him and he’s a part of you. So, I could understand if “finding yourself” would be difficult if you remove that part of your identity.

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I read your blog because I value what you say. I value what you say because I value you. I think that’s true of blog subscribers everywhere. Who reads the entries from a person or institution they don’t care about?

    Anyway, I’ll definitely be praying for you and Jake.

  2. praying for you friend. you are not forgotten!

  3. Megan

    Hi Goose. I feel that way at times, too. With the whole blogging thing, that is. I agree with Curtis on the identity crisis. I think it’s crap that the world expects women to remain a powerful, independent woman after marriage. I am always praying for you!

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