In memory

My cousin Shawn and I entered this world within two weeks of each other.  We shared birthday parties as kids and the annual “Happy Birthday,” “Thanks, you too,” as adults.


Although we came into this world together, we’ll leave it separately.  On November 13th, 2009, the month before our 23rd birthdays, Lance Corporal Shawn Hefner was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Shawn in uniform











I love you, Shawn.  Thanks for the memories.

Shawn and Rachel



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2 responses to “In memory

  1. andrea

    love you friend. if you need anything, i’m here.

  2. Wayne Doucette


    We were told about Shawn just last night from our son in Afghanistan and our thoughts and prayers are with you, Shawn and the rest of his family. His ultimate sacrifice will not be forgotten here in Maine.

    Shawn had been Ryans turret gunner since arriving there. Ryan said that Shawn was a great friend and an outstanding Marine.

    I only met Shawn once, and spoke with him for a few minutes the day they deployed. I was scared that day, for Ryan as well as his friends and I could not understand the eagerness of each of these young men to go off to war and asked several of them about this and Shawn responded, ” I’m excited and ready to have the chance to fight for my country. For me, it’s a matter of pride sir ”

    I am very proud of you Shawn. Thank you.

    Wayne Doucette

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