Living in the lap of luxury

Call me materialistic, but I love my iPhone.  And by love, I mean LOVE.  Waiting rooms are no longer a thing of drudgery.  Why, instead of being bored to tears while sitting in my mechanic’s lobby, I can play a move in my scrabble game against my uncle in California and catch up on my girl Cindy’s blog that never fails to challenge me in my walk.  At walmart, when I see that perfect hot pink shredder that I would love love love to have in my classroom but would probably never buy for myself I can pull up my handy app and add it to my classroom wishlist just like that.  If on said walmart journey I pass the doggie aisle and remember that I need to make an appointment at the groomer for Ace I can google Beau’s Bath House and tap on the phone number that pops up on my handy-dandy touch screen and voila!  Just like that I am calling a local groomer.  I may need to check my availability, however, so that’s when I put the call on speaker, button push here, tap there, and I’m looking at my calendar whilst talking to the groomer. Remember when you’d hear a song on a movie and sit through ALL of the credits just to see the name of the song, then you’d have to remember it by saying it over and over to yourself on the way home until you could write it down?  No longer, my friends!  Now, with a tap of the touch screen I can bring up a program that will “listen” to the song, identify the song, artist, and album and provide me with a link that when selected will take me straight to iTunes where I can download the song straight to my phone for $0.99.

I ♥ convenience.


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