A life well lived

Sometimes I feel like I’ve missed the boat.

It’s as if, at some point, an opportunity arose to become part of a particular group or to have arrived at a specific stage in life and I unknowingly just…let it pass me by.  Instead, I blindly plunged forth in my quest for achievement.  A job here, a class there.  A volunteer position.  A new skill acquired.  One more notch in my belt.  One more chance to show I’d taken on more responsibilities than most and juggled them successfully.  One more chance to gain recognition for my life “well lived”.

…well lived?

When did I become a stereotype?  When did I become that character in the novel that you all but scream at to quit pursuing accomplishments and start pursuing relationships before you throw the book at the wall?  When did I become a workaholic?

…a workaholic?  Is that really what I am???  But I hate work!


/ˌwɜrkəˈhɔlɪk, -ˈhɒlɪk/ [wurk-uh-haw-lik, -hol-ik]

a person who works compulsively at the expense of other pursuits.


Given the fact that I’m currently wishing I hadn’t gone the responsible route and had just gone ahead and gotten pregnant early on, yeah…maybe I am.
When did that happen?


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2 responses to “A life well lived

  1. Wow. Thanks for your honesty. I think this is a struggle most of us have and we come to this realization or questioning at one point or another. Did you really miss the boat? I don’t know if you did or didn’t, but it’s good to ask yourself this. Do we really need to feel like we have arrived? Do I need to feel like I should already be at some stage in my life like others are?

    The Lord has taught me this – that my striving for anything and everything but Him is tiring. So whether I’m a bit “behind” or “ahead” on some things – this does not matter. What matters is what I pursue today and if I’m pursuing Him, whether I struggle or not.

    Love you, friend. We need to get coffee!

  2. Rachel

    Well said Michelle 🙂

    I love you! Coffee soon please!

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